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1. You are worried about your dog's health, so you call your favorite vet...
He asks you: "Do you know if your dog has a fever?"

You feel your dog's skin. Indeed he is very hot!He has a fever.

You use a thermometer which reads 101F. Phew! don't worry about it!

You tell the vet you're coming in!It's his job to know if there's a fever, right?

2. For two days, your children tell you the dog has been vomiting...
You think:

"Children!Always worrying about the dog! I'll just go to the pet store and buy a wormer, that will take care of it!"

"You know, dogs often vomit. Maybe he got in the garbage!I won'tworry."

"I better go to the vet, it could be important!"


3. Your dog is a little "pudgy", you realize he must loose some weight.

You decide to length his daily walk.

You reduce the size of his meals by 10%.

You change the dog food. He's gaining weight because it's poor quality.

4. For his dinner you choose:

You give him his favorites -- nothing else.

You make his dog food from scratch and vary it every day.

You feed your dog when he asks -- it's so easy!


5. Which leash do you choose and what is his behavior on lead?

He has a very short lead, because he pulls on his lead often, and you are careful of his reaction when he sees another dog.

You use a 50 foot retractable lead -- he needs to feel "free"!

You use a four feet lead, as a result he is never far away and the leash is never taut.

6. You return after leaving your dog alone in the house:

He looks forlorn and wonders why you have left him at home alone.

He is very happy to see you!"It's so good to meet again!"

He runs under the table or behind the sofa.


7. You are on vacation in the country, there are many chickens, sheep and cows nearby:

No problem, I keep my dog on a lead.

When your dog chases them, you call him back and he returns.

You let him run free."Why would my fox terrier chase an animal anyway?"

8. Your dog in the car:

He remains behind a net in the back -- so as not to disturb the driver.

It's not a problem, he sleeps during all the travel.

It's definitely better just to leave him at home!


9. Your dog is eating his dinner when someone reaches for his dish and he growls.
In your opinion:

You must leave your dog in peace when he eats.

He should be seriously disciplined.

You tell the person to try again and if the dog restarts you will correct him.


10. In your opinion how often should you wash your dog?

Once or twice a year.

As often as he gets dirty.

Washing a dog?!What a stupid idea!

11. Your Wire Fox Terrier's hair is too long:

You clip your dog, it's not difficult.

You go to the grooming shop, they're pretty good there!

You learn to groom your dog.


12. Each evening the neighborhood dogs play in your street while the owners talk.

You are busy you don't want to let your dog play!

Your dog is too aggressive, you don't want any problems.

You want your dog to learn to be as social as possible, so of course you letyour dog play.

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