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14-01-2005 New photo album about The St.-Petersburg Exhibition of fox terriers
07-01-2005 The meeting of Saint-Petersburg branche "Fox terrier - club"
28-05-2004 The Sestroretsk resort. I have added some new photos in a photo album
11-02-2004 New photo album about travel to Novgorod
09-02-2004 A plenty of photos which has accumulated at me for half-year is published. Albums with new photos are marked is familiar (!). For fast search of new photos it is possible to establish sorting by date of. Then all new pictures appear right at the beginning of the list.
08-01-2004 Fine winter day. Christmas
12-12-2003 Historical meeting of Saint-Petersburg and Moscow branches "Fox terrier - club"
13-11-2003 If to look on news the site was not updated almost five months. Actually the Russian version of a site was updated regularly. New articles and photo albums were published.
The English version remained constant as the software for photo albums did not support the English language. And this problem is successfully solved. I bring to your attention at once seventeen (17!!!) new photo albums.
In them contains almost five hundred (500!!!) photos.
In new photo albums you can look not only photos of a small format (500 x 375), but also in popular formats of wallpapers (800 x 600 and 1024 x 768). Some photos are made as panoramic pictures.
Look and take pleasure!
16-06-2003 Recently I have bought digital camera Canon PowerShort G3. 4 million pixels, 4x Optical Zoom, 4 hours of Battery life, etc.
This camera is enough combined. I need to study its long enough time. But I already could make some photoes.
08-05-2003 Walk with the fox terrier in a spring wood
07-03-2003 Test your training aptitude - What kind of owner are you?
26-02-2003 The third trip on hunting for a raccoon
25-02-2003 Traditional New Year's photos are published
19-12-2002 The picture story about hunting for a raccoon
19-11-2002 After a long break the new photo album has appeared. In it you will see Rex on lake, on hunting with friend Taras, on a bed, and also you can see his game with the young kitty who has attacked him in our house.
P.S. During shooting any cat has not suffered :-)
26-09-2002 New photo album about adventures of Rex on a summer residence in Sosnovo.
25-09-2002 New photo album about adventures of Rex on a summer residence in Ilichevo.
13-09-2002 New muzzles of the fox terrier have appeared. On a summer residence and in the house. Cheerful and tired. In flowers and in a grass.
12-09-2002 Updating of a collection of the dog humour
10-09-2002 The brief characteristics of Wire-haired FoxTerrier and Smooth FoxTerrier are published.
09-09-2002 New photo album about adventures of Rex on a summer residence in Ilichevo.
12-08-2002 New photo album about adventures of Rex on a summer residence in Sosnovo.
05-08-2002 New photo album - "Gallery of FoxTerriers"
11-07-2002 Standards and description of the smooth fox terrier are published.
22-04-2002 New article is published:
"Astrology for your pets".
09-04-2002 Everyone speak, that dogs are similar to their owners. Now you can be convinced of it.
03-04-2002 New article about dog toys.
29-03-2002 Three new dog jokes are published.
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Rambler's Top100

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